Group 933

Charlotte Chapman

Finance Consultant

Charlotte provides freelance administrative and business support to small creative organisations and individuals.

From 2018-2022, Charlotte worked as part of the core People United team, leading several major projects to update and improve key areas of our business and operations.

Previously she studied Psychology at the University of Kent, graduating with an honours degree in 2012. She then went on to work for the university for five years, providing high-level administrative support, and also serving for two years as a staff representative on Council, which is the university’s supreme governing body.

Charlotte grew up in a very musical family and is an avid fan of music and the arts more broadly. Having learnt classical violin from a young age, and later piano and percussion, Charlotte is now an enthusiastic member of the Kent Soul Choirs. She is passionate about arts and creativity, with a strong belief that everyone should have access to creative experiences.

Charlotte loves living in a cottage by the sea in Folkestone, a town which continually sparks her creativity. Since moving to Folkestone, she has taken part in several community yarn installations, combining her love of crochet and community projects.