People United collaborated with the National Theatre on Figure of 8. This commission by Janetka Platun saw eight non-professional skaters explore the theme of ‘belonging’ through their own experiences and journeys connected to the ice rink.

Each of the skaters was given a GPS device to record their journey between their homes and the rink and were also invited to come together at a workshop held at the National Theatre.

Figure of 8 looks at how a sense of connection in society can be encouraged and made visible. The project explores how territorial and interactive relationships, in the darkness of a frozen stage, can act as a metaphor for how we live our lives and find ways of belonging.

Using the stories and experiences gathered from the skaters, the GPS routes and research around belonging and connections, Janetka created the stunning image Figure of 8 which was presented online by both People United and the National Theatre.

Figure of 8 by Janetka Platun © Tim Knights
Group 930