People United is an arts charity based in Canterbury. We are part of Arts Council England’s national portfolio.

We work collaboratively, using creativity to practice and promote kindness that is strong, systemic and transformational.

Our vision

A thriving, creative society where we are kind to ourselves, each other and the world around us.

Our mission

Working collaboratively we use creativity to grow the conditions for radical kindness to flourish and make change happen. Together we explore and champion the impact that kindness can have on our lives and society.

Our values

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We practice and promote radical kindness - kindness that is strong, systemic and transformational. We care about each other and the world we live in. We focus on the positive, celebrate our commonalities and embrace our differences.
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We work collaboratively and co-creatively, bringing people together to shape mutually enriching experiences. We take care to listen deeply and self-reflect. Working together, we value everyone's skills, experience and creativity.
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We recognise and challenge the structural inequalities that affect people’s lives and opportunities. We strive to create equitable spaces that are inclusive, welcoming, and celebrate the creativity in everyone.
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Creativity is at our core. We work flexibly and responsively, pushing our own boundaries. We encourage curiosity, exploration and innovation. We share our knowledge and want to learn from others.
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We challenge ourselves and others to interrogate dynamics of power, privilege and agency. We have the courage to explore complex and difficult ideas, to take risks and to use the strength of kindness as a force for change.

Our methodology

People United was founded in 2006, and since then we’ve built a body of evidence showing how and why creativity can grow empathy, develop deeper connections and strengthen people’s belief that they can make change happen.

Our tried and tested methodology has defined components, such as research and deep listening, co-creation, working slowly, taking risks, sharing and celebrating, and building in legacy - all underpinned by taking care, paying attention and nurturing relationships throughout.

We have identified four key mediators that connect creativity and kindness. When they are activated they are powerful, creating the conditions for kindness to grow and make change happen.

Creativity & Arts

Have the potential to:

Make connections
Develop voice & agency
Encourage reflection
Engage emotions
Spark imagination
Encourage experimentation
Increase empathy
Challenge and disrupt


Explain how the arts can grow kindness:
  • Emotions
  • Connections
  • Learning
  • Values


Key attitudes and behaviours:

Concern for others
Sense of belonging
Social action