People United made a tremendous impact in running our second Kindness Week in St Matthew’s Primary School. They brought together an exciting programme that made a real difference to how the children thought about their behaviour, their relationships, their values and their creativity”. Headteacher, St Matthew’s Primary School

What are Arts & Kindness Weeks?

Arts and Kindness Weeks explore and embed kindness in schools through a raft of fun, exciting and creative activities. The programme evolved from a successful artist residency in a primary school which focused on celebrating positive role models where the benefits were overwhelming. Research (see download on the right) showed that pupils significantly increased their kindness towards others and dramatically increased in their understanding of the arts. The school made new links with its wider community, all pupils achieved Arts Award, and the school received Artsmark Gold.

This led to the creation of shorter-term, tailor-made experiences through Arts and Kindness Weeks created together with teachers and artists. We also link with the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation who champion kindness in schools.

What happens?

The school experience involves:

  • Prior InSET with free resources
  • classroom activities, assemblies and school council sessions
  • a unique ‘GratituTune’ for each school
  • pre-and-post research to show impact
  • follow up support.

How does it link to the curriculum and school development plans?

Arts and Kindness Weeks support schools to:

  • deliver the SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) curriculum creatively
  • embed the practice of kindness in school development plans so that positive values and character strengths (e.g. compassion and empathy) are developed in every pupil
  • enhance the holistic and personal development of their pupils
  • take forward kindness activities independently
  • set up a new Kindness Week
  • bring a new dimension to Arts Weeks and Anti-bullying Weeks
  • achieve Arts Award and Artsmark.

Why Arts & Kindness Weeks?

 A kind and caring school environment can play a powerful role in pupils’ happiness and wellbeing, especially when concern for young people’s mental health seems to be on the rise.

We know from our research that the arts and creative activities can encourage greater connection, empathy and compassion between people. Arts & Kindness weeks provide unique opportunities to celebrate and reflect upon the importance of kind people (KPs) (our Kindness Role Models) and kind qualities (KQs) in our lives. Helping young people understand and value empathy, tolerance and kindness (to themselves and others) benefits them as individuals who have a desire to do good things. Arts & Kindness Weeks create a positive culture in schools spreading to families and the wider community

If you are interested in having an Arts & Kindness Week at your school, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Becky Vincer on [email protected] 

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For Arts & Kindness week at Dame Janet Primary Academy, Steampunk Bob and Super Nova collected stories about the pupils' KP’s (kind people) and KQ’s (kind qualities) in the playground and assembly. From these stories, Steampunk Bob created lyrics for Dame Janet’s very own GratituTune – a gratitude tune to say thanks to their special KP’s.

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Dame Janet Kindness. Credit-JasonPay(hr)-2
Dame Janet Kindness. Credit-JasonPay(hr)-8
Dame Janet Kindness. Credit-JasonPay(hr)-12
Dame Janet Kindness. Credit-JasonPay(hr)-138
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