We are very proud of this legacy project. In 2010, People United organised the first Giant Picnic in Herne Bay and over 1,000 people came together to build a sense of community, to dance to live music and to participate in creative activities run by arts, sports voluntary groups. Thanks to the wonderful people of Herne Bay – the Giant Picnic is now in its 6th year! Herne Bay in Bloom with the support of local community groups continues to showcase the good things that people do and encourage active citizenship.

Visitors have the opportunity to take part in lots of different free activities for all ages, including street theatre, dancing to a live band, and music workshops. The picnic brings together different community groups and organisations working in the Canterbury and Herne Bay area. 30+ volunteers support the event each year.

This year artist Goldie Chaudhuri will be taking the Imagination Lab to Herne Bay’s Giant Picnic on Sunday 30 August 2015 where families and young people can visit the lab to imagine what a better future might look like.

The aims of the Picnic are:

  • To bring people who wouldn’t normally meet together (from different parts of the community)
  • To encourage volunteering and engagement by promoting local arts, voluntary and community organisations
  • To have fun!

As a way of breaking down barriers and building a positive sense of community the event is highly successful, and has inspired other similar events.

Previous Picnics

In the past activities have included: music and memories recorded by local DJ Zoe Baxter, 50 heart-shaped cushions  made for breast cancer patients, and decorating dozens of biscuits! There is always an increase in membership and interest for many of the groups and organisations who partipate in the event.

If you are interested in getting involved contact Herne Bay in Bloom: [email protected]

Photographs courtesey of Matt Bristow, Zoe Maxwell, John Newell
Giant Picnic Poster 2015
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