Taking Care is the third report in People United’s trilogy of arts and kindness publications. It aims to show our participatory arts methodology and capture our working processes from a range of perspectives.

We inhabit a challenging social, political and environmental landscape. Every day we witness and experience increasing polarisation and social fragmentation. The world, our country and the communities we live in can often feel divided and disconnected. We need to think about kindness more than ever, not just as something soft and warm, but as something radical, strong and brave.

At People United, we focus on how we can live well in the world together, tapping into people’s potential for kindness. This doesn’t mean we avoid challenging or complex subjects and situations, quite the opposite: our creative projects embrace the light, shade and complexities of what it means to be human – but whatever the circumstances, starting with positivity and openness is an integral part of our ethos, values and way of working.

We’re a small organisation in the context of the sector’s rich tapestry, but we aim to be a catalyst, activating ripples of kindness and positive action far and wide. One of the ways we do this is by contributing to wider research and provoking conversations about how the arts can help to create a more kind and caring society.

Taking Care is an exploration and sharing of the manner in which we work – day-to-day and year-to-year. In it, we have gathered a kaleidoscope of different voices to talk about their experiences and share their learnings, from short thought pieces to academic essays. The range of contributors reflects the broad People United family of artists, associates, participants and current team members, who together create a journey of observation and reflection, taking us into the heart of our implicit and explicit working processes.

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