Illustrated visual identity for People United’s first Care Lab showing illustrated portraits of the facilitators and provocateurs as well as written prompts and questions.

Ecology of care – a poem by Deanna Rodger

Group 931
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Ecology of care

Care as air watched.

Care as sound repeated, sound echoed

“Be behind, be lucky, just wait and you will shine”

Care as closed eyes

Kisses of care

Longing for care

Unplugged care

Care as chaos

Care falls over

Care’s got a snot bubble – Pop!

Care laughs at themself

Care wears humanness

Care thinks

Care has a fan

Care feels responsible

Care gets overwhelmed

Care knows that they have not always been there

Care has trapped doors

Care becomes gravity

Care uses the world

The world is against care

Care doesn’t care, keeps on caring

Care has systems to share

Care abstracts

Care has many different perspectives

Care dares you to drop everything

everything! Bags, phones, ideals, expectations

Care takes the piss

Cares got jokes

Care gesticulates on and off screen

Care demands space for the caree and the carer

Care asks, where am I?

In your history?

In your world?

In your story?

What can we do with what we’ve got?

Take good care

Care fully shifts perspectives

Care don’t care for perfection

Care apologises cos care gets it wrong sometimes:

cup of hot Ribena not a hug, pot plants not black box, silence instead of applause.

Care is grateful for forgiveness

Care connects the specks and people

Care makes a mess

cos care is complex

Care forgets to self-care

Care WhatsApps the maintenance team

welcomes us in

drifts asleep and keeps dreaming.

Deanna Rodger