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We Keep Each Other Fed by Henry James Garrett
By Henry James Garrett

We Keep Each Other Fed

As the UK is gripped by the cost-of-living crisis, writer, illustrator and creator Henry James Garrett explores the notion of community and interdependence in his work We Keep Each Other Fed.

Produced in partnership with Creative Estuary.
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In We Keep Each Other Fed, artist Henry James Garrett (This Book Will Make You Kinder) reflects on the rising rate of food poverty in the UK and reinforces the importance and power of mutual aid.

Using humorous, subversive illustrations to highlight the value of reciprocal care, Henry adorned three community pantries in East Kent with his signature artwork. The wonderful collaborating organisations, Our Kitchen – Our Food Club in Margate, Canterbury Umbrella Centre’s Social Health Café, and Dover Pantry, all have dynamic, collaborative approaches to community building, not only offering affordable or free healthy food, but also strongly contributing to community-led placemaking, building community connections and promoting an ongoing sense of kinship and reciprocal care.

We commissioned Margate Films to tell the story of the people behind this vital community space, and through Henry’s artwork explore what interdependence means, day to day, for those who work in and use this community kitchen. You can watch the video and learn more here.

Available now – limited edition merchandise designed by Henry is now on sale, with all proceeds going to the Dover Pantry, Our Kitchen in Margate and Canterbury Umbrella’s Social Café. Click here to learn more and reserve your bundle.

The artworks were installed in the three food kitchens between 18 and 24 May 2022.

Commissioned by

People United

Funded by

Creative Estuary
Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants