Digital artwork that says
We Keep Each Other Fed by Henry James Garrett
By Henry James Garrett

We Keep Each Other Fed

As the UK is gripped by the cost-of-living crisis, writer, illustrator and creator Henry James Garrett explores the notion of community and interdependence in his work We Keep Each Other Fed.

Produced in partnership with Creative Estuary.
Group 931
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From 17 May 2022

Using his signature subversive, yet humorous, illustrations, Henry James Garrett’s (This Book Will Make You Kinder) work acknowledges the rising rate of food poverty whilst offering a signal to the power of mutual aid. Focusing on the benefit of reciprocal ecologies of care, We Keep Each Other Fed will see cartoons adorn open-access fridge spaces in East Kent – Our Kitchen – Our Food Club, Thanet, Canterbury Umbrella Centre’s Social Health Café, and Dover Pantry. These collaborating organisations all have dynamic approaches to community building, offering affordable or free healthy food and place making.

We Keep Each Other Fed asks whether art can be both practical and beautiful. Artist-designed enamel tokens will encourage donations and involvement in these local organisations, leading to the positive and reciprocal cycle of caring within our local communities.

The artworks were installed between 18 and 24 May and can be viewed below, along with photos of them in each of the spaces. A downloadable press release is also available at the bottom of the page.

Funded by

Creative Estuary
Arts Council England