A yellow arcade machine with a pull down handle attached to the side. There is a red decorative pattern on the front and a stripy arrow that points at a silver dispenser. The machine has the words 'Kindness Dispenser' on it.
Kind Places & Spaces by Jemma Channing

Kindness Dispensers

One of six micro-commissions from People United’s Kind Places & Spaces project that took place during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.
Group 931
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Jemma Channing is a multimedia artist who focusses on co-production with communities. Her Kindness Dispensers would give people a ticket with a prompt– some would be a suggestion to carry out a simple task or others would offer an idea to think about or act on.

Jemma spent time thinking about what kindness looks in 2020 and how the tokens could provide meaningful and accessible challenges.

“The acts of Kindness themselves took a lot of thought. “Be Kind” has been a key message of 2020, but what does kindness look like? And how can everyone participate in it? These acts of kindness are simple, free and aimed to be accessible, so that money, time, age or confidence is not a barrier. So that everyone knows small acts of kindness is something we can all can take part in.” – Jemma Channing

The final challenge tokens included:

  • Letting someone go before you in a queue
  • Finding a positive quote and text it to a friend
  • Leaving a local business a positive review
  • Picking up 3 pieces of rubbish on the street next time you go for a walk

The tickets also included guidance for cultivating kindness, such as “Remind yourself that everyone is fighting their own struggles” and “Be patient”.

Kindness Dispensers was first presented online in October 2020.

Funded by

Canterbury City Council