A photo looking straight down a commercial road with shops and businesses on either side. The road has been painted with a geometric grid in white, pink and blue. Sitting on the grid, cross legged are a white man in a hat, hoodie and jeans, and a white woman with brown curly hair, a green jacket and leggings. Behind them are large planter boxes with tall vines and plants, strings of fairy lights, and picnic benches with large blue umbrellas over them.
Kind Places & Spaces by Amanda Moore © Katie Hatch KLC Studios

Social Space

Social Space by Amanda Moore is one of six micro-commissions from People United’s Kind Places & Spaces project that took place during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.
Group 931
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Amanda is an architect and artist who is passionate about making public spaces inclusive and interactive.

Social Space is a toolkit for ‘do it yourself’ temporary street markings that play with the choreography of people’s movement, promote conversation between people and increase engagement with public spaces.

The toolkit encourages people to design patterns bespoke to their local cultural motifs, architecture, and environment. It can be used on any scale from teachers sprucing up the school drop off zone to imaginative city centres being transformed into places for socially distanced hopscotches.

“I feel that many urban public spaces are often centred around consuming retail, or that people are discouraged from using spaces close to private property. I believe that physically interacting with public spaces, such as moving through them more creatively and playfully, would support people to feel more rooted to a place and its people, rather than just passing through it.” – Amanda Moore

Amanda went onto collaborate with Studio B.a.d Architects and Go! Southampton in 2021 to design temporarily pedestrianised roads in Southampton.

Funded by

Canterbury City Council