Arts and Kindness Mentoring Programme and training days

We offer mentoring and training days for personal and professional development, supporting individuals living or working in Kent to make a positive difference in their communities through creativity.

Supporting creative pioneers in Kent

We have previously run two 6-month personal and professional development programmes supporting individuals living or working in Kent to make a positive difference in their communities through creativity.

Through our work across the community and cultural sectors we have met many individuals making a difference within their organisations, their schools and their neighbourhoods.  Many people have expressed a need to:-

  •  share ideas, hopes and fears
  • connect with ‘like-minded’ individuals
  • learn from more experienced colleagues
  •  take time to step back, to reappraise and reflect.

The programme aimed to meet these needs, providing a safe environment for sharing and critical thinking. Participants were nurtured and supported, which in turn helped to build on the creative and social potential of Kent.


I valued being able to take a step back from the day to day working life and appreciate and reflect on all of the things I have achieved in the past 12 months. It was a day that I will always treasure.  2017/18 Participant

What happened?

We brought together the participants from across Kent for three Away-Days in Canterbury over the course of a 6-month period. Each participant was assigned with an experienced mentor who they met throughout the duration of the programme, and who supported their personal and professional goals. These goals fed into the development of new initiatives devised by participants for the benefit of the wider community, often setting in motion a new approach. Participants became part of People United’s community of practice, benefitting from ongoing support, resources and a network of peers.

The programme was based on People United’s philosophy and research that the arts have a unique potential to grow the conditions that lead to kindness, civic participation and social cohesion.

Arts and Kindness training days

In 2020 we ran our first Arts and Kindness in practice training day which brought a unique group of artists, practitioners and arts professionals together to explore the role of the arts in growing kindness. We hope to run more training days in future.

Please get in touch to find out more

The defining characteristics of our guidance is our emphasis on starting with the positive, taking time to reflect and listen, being open and flexible, not pretending we know all the answers and being enthusiastic for imaginative change. These are typically led by Founder Associate Tom Andrews, or Associate and former Head of Creative Programmes, Sarah Fox, or one of our other associates (depending on your needs and requirements).

Whilst much of our advice is free, there is a charge for our consultancy work, such as our away days, training days or evaluation.  If you would like to find out more, we’d be really happy to talk things through with you informally please contact us.