Liz joined People United as Head of Creative Programmes in April 2018. With over 10 years experience of working in the arts and events industry, Liz has programmed and delivered a wide range of public events, community engagement projects and arts education programmes on behalf of both the public and private sector.

Liz started her career working for a local authority managing half term arts workshops and programming a series of Sunday afternoon bandstand performances. Uninspired by the dull grey walls of her office, she created a gallery on top of a filing cabinet and held lunchtime Private Views for her colleagues. When the gallery sold it’s first piece of work, Liz knew she wanted to work in a world that would let her see through her odd ball ideas.

From here she went on to managing public open spaces and delivering events including military parades, remembrance events and the Olympic Torch Relay procession. It was programming and managing the Herne Bay Festival which made Liz realise her true passion was working with the community, and since then she has delivered projects all over Kent including the Canterbury Hop Pocket Race, Medieval Pageant, Christmas Light Switch On, Maidstone Mela, ThinkNation, and most recently acting as the Participation Manager for Canterbury Festival.

Liz is interested in how we interact within, and share, public open spaces, and particularly enjoys facilitating arts projects which develop wild overactive imaginations and storytelling.