Nova is a participatory artist, having graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at UCA. She has extensive experience of working in schools and in community settings often creating large-scale collaborative installations.

Nova loves working with children and young people and she has developed a strong participatory practice that is youth-led, collaborative, adaptable and guided by those taking part. She talks about the word ‘yes’ – yes means giving participants permission to try something new, to take risks and be ambitious. By truly listening and saying ‘yes’ to their creative ideas over and over again, children and young people grow in confidence and self-belief. To see this in action makes her heart sing!

Nova has worked with People United as an artist on projects such as The Best of Us, Best Fest, our Arts & Kindness Weeks in schools, and more recently with our Arts Award programme and at Tate Exchange. She continues to support our work as one of our valued Associates.